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How les Oiseaux help you today?

Les Oiseaux didn’t stay back. The cooperative suspends all subscriptions until spring 2021.This way, their communities can continue to share their hospitality and stories on the platform and new people can join and do the same for free. It is their commitment to encourage direct contact and the return of those who offer human-to-human hospitality.

Is it complicated to join the platform?

First of all, focus on quality, hospitality and cooperation needs to be a priority for you. That's their three main commitments. Then, a simple contact mail or form and they come back to you. In addition, Lola and Clément will work with you to save time. 

What do they change for tomorrow?

As digital and travel raise many questions for our future, they are transforming themselves into an action research cooperative.For example, how do we move from digital intermediation to digital facilitation? From artificial intelligenceto cooperative intelligence?The objective is that digital technology facilitates our human relationships rather than replacing them. What could be better than travel and hospitality?

The digital connecting us? 

Les Oiseaux decided to de-digitalize their travel platform to facilitate human relations before, during and after the journey. To travel, do we need a platform to come between us and our hosts? Isn't it nicer to talk to us, to introduce ourselves, to tell us about ourselves and to be able to discuss? Digital can facilitate our research, inspiration, information sharing and exchange. 

In concrete terms, how do we de-digitalize?

Their code becomes open source. Developers and their local communities will be able to invent new functionalities and fix bugs. They are currently developing a relational payment system that will offer a multitude of exchange modalities: over-the-counter, local currencies, exchange of inter-company services, social assistance and direct payment. On the travel side, they are developing their new travel factory functionality so that we can build our trips together. And above all, they are going to simplify everything! Goodbye the endless list of settings and ultra-complex technologies. They have decided to make it simple, efficient with direct contact.

Can they afford to do this?

They are the second public interest cooperative recognized officially as a Young Innovative Company. They have already signed an agreement with an anthropology laboratory and a research program on digital platforms. A doctoral student has been a full-time employee for one year, whose results are shared in scientific articles.

Are they credible? 

They have just tested an online launch of their platform for nine months and the results are good. Their first year of operation is balanced: 40 communities have subscribed to the platform and ten have already become members. They have obtained prizes, research funding, guaranteed bank loans and good user feedback. A catalogue of trips to their communities with the Ekitour agency is under development. voyages chez leurs communautés avec l’agence Ekitour.

All right then?

As for all of us today, their situation is fragile. Their platform’s beta version would benefit from improving, especially that they have now over a thousand offers. However, their cooperative status is holding back investors. It is not easy to carry out a research activity, an innovative digital project and a strong commitment to human rights at the same time. 

Don't they have anyone to help them?

They have with them all theirs members who do their best from where they are: pass on the contact of an interested person, spread the word, make a donation, write an article, fix a bug, take a social part, offer a particular skill. Their platform was not created in a garage but during a party under a shade tree in Marseille where everyone did its bit. And it's been going on for five years. You can contribute too. They can only do it collectively.

I want to know more: where can I contact them?

Their platform is online. The stories of the communities allow you to travel from home. They also have a blog and are present on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A facebook group gathers volunteers. Their email is 

Bonus question : why the tourism hasn’t been invited in this interview? 

Since they met under the tree, they haven't changed their minds. tourism is not hospitality. It was industrialized a century ago and is no longer efficient to travel. Its categories, standards and economic models date back to before the environmental and political crisis. Its only performance was economic and the covid has just taken it away. It would be like insisting on updating the individual car model when we have to prepare for travel in soft transport. No more tourist visas, standard rooms and dynamic pricing. Long live to the free movement of people, hospitality and direct agreement.

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