« Off the beaten tracks » ? The challenges of «alternative» cultural tourism in the urban environment

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On Wednesday, January 30th, 2016 in Paris, for the 20me edition of the SITEM, the International fair about Museums and Tourism, Julie De Muer, member of the cooperative Hôtel du Nord in Marseilles, will be one of the 5 speakers of the conference: « Off the beaten tracks » ? The challenges of «alternative» cultural tourism in the urban environment, an occasion to present the H2H process.

Presentation: The recent development of «alternative» cultural tourism seems to correspond to tourists’ aspirations at the beginning of the third millennium. It usually refers to products and practices not among the major elements of mass tourism, which is regarded as negative by definition.
Alternative tourism refers to both a demand model (the «alternative» tourist) and a supply model (the «alternative» tourism product).

The first model is based on emancipation and self-determination of tourists seeking greater authenticity, creativity and even solidarity in their relationships with local societies. We often speak of «post-tourist» to describe this «advanced» tourist status, in which the tourist becomes the co-producer of the products that he consumes. Read more.

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