A travel factory

Whether alone or in a group, for business or pleasure, the traveller chooses the elements of their trip from offers spread over 5 categories. With a simple and ergonomic navigation experience, they can save, share and, of course, reserve them!

+ Our accommodations: B&Bs, hostels, hotels, workspaces…

+ Our Activities: cultural events, leisure activities and workshops.

+ Our Products: local products you can read, see, hear, taste…

+ Our tips: recommendations from members of the community.

+ Our Holidays: a host of all-inclusive offers provided by a travel agency.

A story factory

Every trip is a story that is written according to one’s encounters and the places one visits. This is why LesOiseauxDePassage.coop offers a repository of stories allowing you to discover a destination, told by those who live there.

The travel Facilitator advise travellers and compose itineraries featuring accommodation and activity offers by theme or location.

+ Our Destinations: a range of offers and content together in the same place.

+ Our itineraries: a range of offers and content linked together to help navigate an area.

+ Our stories: a range of offers and content provided to immerse oneself in a local narrative.


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