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A new platform cooperative for travelling and respect human rights

A high diversity of organisations from culture and social tourism launch in France a Web cooperative platform called “Les oiseaux de passage” (Birds of passage), which will provide access at the beginning of 2019 to offers of hospitality and cultural sharing that respect human rights.

It brings together people from trade unions, popular education, social tourism, open source, culture, crafts, and the world of cooperatives and mutual benefit organisations. The cultural rights are paired with the cooperative principles to achieve collective re-appropriation and experience a collaborative “human-to-human” Web platform.

Les Oiseaux de passage was found in 2014 by professionals and citizen in order to invent a cooperative platform based on the positive results of two prototypes of hospitality platform developed in the framework of European capital of culture in Marseilles (2013, France) and Plzen (2015, Check Republic).

Two main ideas have been use: the common as structure and disruptive element in opposite to individualism promote by contemporaneous platform and the pleasure of travelling from the website navigation to the real trail.

A participative process was manage during two years with all the partners to co define the name, the design, the terminologies, the framework, the functionalities, the economic model and the governance of the cooperative platform Les oiseaux de passage.

From this process is born a poetic and diffuse web cooperative platform, without intrusive advertising and commission, without using profiling and review, without discrimination and border and without speculators and tax optimization. A platform of direct exchange from human to humen, an access to qualify hospitality offers as to cultural free contents and a narrative as cartographic navigation to have pleasure to travel.

This is socially possible because of the co-optation of hospitality makers by Les oiseaux de passage, economically because of the cooperation and gradual subscription to the services and commercially because of the promotion of the offer directly to social beneficiaries.

Organized in community cooperative, Les oiseaux de passage is owned by federations, communities and prescribers. It is a common network, brand and web marketplace to offer hospitality and discovery of destinations with those who live and work on the spot.

As indeed to-day the human rights, the rule of law, the democracy are seriously undermined, Les oiseaux de passage reaffirms the necessity and inseparability of those universal rights, as especially the free movement of people, their right to participate in cultural life, their right to just and favourable remuneration, and holidays for all.


This Case Study Report was proposed and accepted for the World Leisure Congress 2018 in San Polo / topic « Leisure for Social and Community Development ».
Prosper Wanner (PhD, University Paris Descartes, Canthel laboratory in anthropology).

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