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H2H celebrates 10 years of the right for cultural heritage.

The H2H process is based on the european principles of the Faro Convention and those of the co-operative identity adopted by the International Co-operative Alliance. These principles define its framework.

The Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society, – the Faro Convention – is based on the idea that knowledge and use of heritage form part of the citizen’s right to participate in cultural life as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Convention was adopted 10 years ago (ottober 2005) in Faro, Portugal.

The text recognise « heritage community » as group of people who value specific aspects of cultural heritage which they wish, within the framework of public action, to sustain and transmit to future generations (participation), presents heritage both as a resource for human development and as part of an sustainable development model (commons) and undertake to establish processes for conciliation to deal equitably with situations where contradictory values are placed on the same cultural heritage by different communities.


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