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Inside Airbnb: Airbnb is the new gentrifier.

It’s been almost a year since Inside Airbnb released its landmark study « Faces of Airbnb: NYC, Airbnb as a Racial Gentrification Tool », and with the recent publication of new research that cites our study, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about the response to the Racial Gentrification study, and also in particular how Airbnb reacted to the research.(…)

Inside Airbnb’s data and research into the negative impact of Airbnb on housing affordability in cities around the world is now being confirmed in study after study.Airbnb use in racially segregated and gentrifying neighborhoods, such as in New York City, increases housing displacement amongst Residents of Color while overwhelmingly benefitting white, new residents. Airbnb is the new gentrifier.

Read the article: A Year in Review: Airbnb as a Racial Gentrification Tool – Inside Airbnb. Adding data to the debate.

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