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Slow Tourism is taking flight. Encounters, exchange, hospitality and poetry on your very own doorstep through the new cooperative web platform Les oiseaux de passage. Online launch 21st June 2019.

Summer’s here! The web platform Les oiseaux de passage is making the most of it and leaving the nest with its first selection of destinations to be discovered from a local’s perspective.

Part online travel guide and booking website, you can use it to find accommodation, activities, cultural creations, local products and great plans all shared with you by travel Providers. They also offer tales to discover, itineraries to be followed, destinations to be explored and trips to be booked.

But who are these helpful little birds working together and inviting you to explore their habitats?

They are Paris Social and Inclusive, Landes Gascogne Arcachon ecotourism, Accueil Paysan farmers from Lot, residents’ cooperative Hôtel du Nord in Marseilles, Materials & Colours from Lubéron, La Roya valley, Giverny-Vernon, Charente Maritime, Grand Poitiers, Between Vienne and Gartempe, …

They offer the hospitality of their cooperative, youth hostel, farm, rural homestead, natural park, hotel, artist residence, cultural bar, factory, neighbourhood, third place, garden, hotel, guest house, boat, yurt, guide…

They tell you of chance exploration, the forest, a legend, their neighbourhood, gardens, a hospital, islands, an industry, colours, an accompanying donkey… 

They bring about intercultural encounters between young people from the whole world over, valuing rural identities, sharing their art of living and wholehearted commitment to diversity, promoting their forest identity, protecting the environment, promoting communal action and living, developing participatory urban tourism, speaking of their invisible heritage, sharing their love for gardens, safeguarding traditional knowledge, offering holidays for all…

They offer you another way of travelling, on a more human level. They are the travel providers who make up Les oiseaux de passage.

For Les oiseaux de passage, every trip is a story whose writing reflects the encounters and places visited. This is why local communities offer a welcome and hospitality so that you might be introduced to destinations by those who live there. Brought together by the lands which they share, the members of these local communities welcome, guide and advise you. Chosen for the quality of what they have to offer, their hospitality and the quality of their tales, these travel Providers opt for cooperation and sharing to invite you to come and discover their destinations.

Part online travel guide and booking website, a completely new approach to travel is on offer. Direct contact, sharing, rating-free, poetic presentation or even cultural content, the platform allows its members the complete freedom to express their individuality and hospitality.

Make time for an encounter.


Press contact: Clément Simonneau – +33 (0)6 28 51 49 63 –

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Les oiseaux de passage is a Cooperative Community-Oriented Enterprise which belongs to those who use it to carry out their activities. The Declaration of Human Rights, the Cooperative Principles and the Faro Convention are its founding texts.

What does a collaborative and cooperative platform really change?

  • The economy is a means not an end. The goal is to enable our members to carry out their activities (be they commercial or not) with dignity all the while contributing to the strengthening of our founding texts.
  • The platform is free, open and supports hospitality. There is no need to pay to access your host’s details, direct contact is always possible. There are no ratings as they undermine a genuine connection. No “funnel” strategy enforced by the commission model but an open strategy which aims to feed existing content. Valuing the networks, labels, federations and anything else our members are part of.
  • Valuing everyone’s individuality rather than homogenising what is on offer. Space for freedom of expression, to reveal different facets, to develop co-productions etc.
  • A strategy of cooperation rather than competition. The pooling of everyone’s expertise to provide each of us with more visibility and improved differentiation online.

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